Our Vision

“We believe that like first-time experiences in life, a song’s first use carries unmatched emotional weight.”

Founders of License No.1 – Maximilian Bleß and Paul Werner

We want to go beyond music licensing.

We firmly believe that the workflow for current music searchers and agencies often suffer from significant flaws, leading to unnecessary complications and potential loss of quality and opportunities. This holds true for both composers and music searchers alike, who are equally affected by the challenges of a fast-paced workflow in the agency industry.

Our transformative purpose merges these four key aspects:

  1. First licenses only – Each of our songs is as fresh as a custom layout song
  2. Offering bespoke adaptation for all our ready-to-use songs
  3. Providing immediate search guidance as soon as a project brief is established – This ensures that no unlicensable song ever makes its way into your projects
  4. Easy access to exclusive rights for original music by authentic artists – bypassing the hassle of dealing individually with labels or artists

Our service can be characterized in the following way:

Like a suit or dress from a store, but still custom-fitted for you with individual care.

You’re already aware of its appearance and still, it is tailored to suit you uniquely. And it’s sold to you for the first time.

At License No.1, we are dedicated to shifting away from the mass-market approach and embracing the beauty and uniqueness of each individual piece of music. Our goal is to provide a seamless workflow that is both enjoyable and satisfying for all music searchers. We believe that by emphasizing the value of the ‘first license’ and providing a platform for never-before-licensed music, we can help to preserve the integrity of the music and provide a more enriching, diverse, and authentic experience for our clients and their audiences.

We’re not just about selling songs; we’re about celebrating the unique artistry of each piece of music and the incredible talent of the artists who create them.